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We offer a wide range of constructional services in Kenya. We have based our company on many years of experience and education in Dubai, where construction is booming with quality and innovation.
We have specialized ourselves in installing CCTV solutions and solar panel installations.
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Checkout the services which we provide

Supply of Workforce

You can count on us for a workforce with good reputation, experienced, honest and of integrity.

Supply of construction materials

We offer after sale services by delivering your purchase at your door or at your project. We offer bricks, cement, ballast..make an order and it shall be delivered.

Rental construction equipment

Diesel concrete mixture, vibrators vibratory roller, generators cardinal head lights least but to mention. Our machines are well serviced and therefore each equipment need to be accompanied by our own operators.

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We understand that spending time and effort in planning for bathroom, kitchen is key to long term success as a functional and aesthetically pleasing space in your home.

Solar installations

Natural resources used precisely well.
Reduces some expenditures thus giving you more saving from your income. Providing solar heaters for a more comfortable lifestyle to your family.

CCTV installation, operation and maintenance

With our digital camera installation services, you can be sure of your premises, office, school or institution security wherever you are from your Mobile or tablet. You can access your employees performance from home or anywhere through your mobile phone.
Your security is our concerns.

Welding services

We repair and build new structures from your design or from your choice in our album.

Client satisfaction is our pride.

Dubai house design’s

Get modern and latest designs both for real estate villas and residential.


Speical CCTV offer

CCTV camera image for construction

High vision quality CCTV surveillance security cameras installation

  • 2 x Dahua HFW1200R cameras with night vision
  • 2 x Dahua HDW1200R cameras
  • 1 x HCVR5104HS Hard Disk 1TB
  • 100 meters cable
  • 5A PSU
  • Connectors and power adaptors

Normal price Ksh 38.200

Your price Ksh 31,200 - Save Ksh 7,000

Installation and setup only Ksh 7,800

Total cost Ksh 39,000
  • Support P2P, allowing easier home applications
  • All channel synchronous real-time playback
  • All cameras with 1080P real-time preview
  • H.264dual-stream video compression
  • HDMI/VGA simultaneous video output
  • All channel non-real-time 1080P recording
  • Multiple network monitoring: web-browser, smart phone/tablet APP
Order or get more information on e-mail or telephone: +254 72 895 4087

Meet Our Team

John G Njoroge
John G Njoroge
Daniel W Njoroge
Daniel W Njoroge
Estimator project manager
Julius Maina
Julius Maina
Estimator project assistant manager

Our vision

We aim to be the best construction company in East and Central Africa by 2030.

We value Integrity, Courage, Reliability, Safety of our people.

About Us

We’re located in the heart of Nakuru County along Nakuru -Nyahururu highway in Heshima centre.

With more than 20 years experience on construction industry, we’re determined to providing all construction services, for a successful and a safe project.

Always on time

We meet your unique on demand and scheduled delivery needs on time.Our team will ensure your goods are delivered reliably to their destination.

On your budget

Getting a sense of your budget gives us a better sense of the recommendations that we can make and what's possible depending on our rates.

We work with passion

We build and serve you in love, passionately and with commitment.

We reach out

If we do not carry what you require we are committed to sourcing and supplying the right tools to complete the task

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